Changing Face

So, my husband and I are watching Bones and we get to the episode in season one entitled "The Girl at the Airport". This episode really got to me. It's about a girl whose body is found at an airport in LA. They don't know who she is, and they're trying to identify her and find her murderer, but they're finding THAT to be exceedingly difficult due to the fact that she has obviously had extensive plastic surgery.

It got me thinking that there really are women out there like that- women so unhappy with the way they look that they will go through massive amounts of pain to change their physical appearance. I just don't get it, and it makes me sad.

I don't understand getting plastic surgery, especially when it comes to faces. Unless you're born with a deformity... Why?? This is the face that you were born with, it is the identity your genes passed down to you. It is the combination of DNA, and the evolution of humanity.

I can almost understand a boob job. It's natural instinct for a man to look at breasts as a sign of ability to feed a child- that's instincts in the DNA has encoded within it. But to me, my opinion, is that boobs even as small as mine get in the way enough as it is. Why would you actually want them to be bigger?

Facial plastic surgery I just don't get. At all. Even the simplest of things like botox. It actually sickens me to be honest. I've never considered myself to be attractive (blame it on being that lonely acne ridden loser in high school), but even not considering myself one of the beautiful people, I don't think I could ever change my face. Sure, my forehead wrinkles when I move my eyebrows- it's supposed to, that's how the muscles work. My nostrils are a little wide- that's my dad's genetics, and I think genetics are important. My lips could be fuller- but I think I would look so strange if they were. It just doesn't make sense to me.

My face is what identifies me. It shows where I came from, what my heritage is. Why would anyone want to change that? Like I said earlier, I can understand when it comes to physical deformities why one would want (or even need) plastic surgery, but beyond that... It just boggles my mind.

I can understand getting a tummy tuck when you're a mom and done with babies- your clothes just don't fit right with that extra skin. I can also understand liposuction in many cases where the individual cannot just diet and exercise in order to get to a healthy weight, and even for those who ARE dieting and exercising and having trouble because that's a health issue when you're obese (I don't condone it for someone just overweight). I do not understand letting someone hack into your face because your eyes are starting to droop or stick needles into your lips because you've got some wrinkles going- it's called GETTING OLD. It's inevitable. Treat yourself and skin right and you can do it gracefully without the help of scalpels and toxins being applied to your face.

During the episode, the character Dr. Temperance Brenan (played by Emily Deschanel) likened plastic surgery to binding feet together (as the Chinese did) and the adding of bronze coils to lengthen the neck (as certain African tribes did/do). It really can be seen as barbaric, all in order to try to conform to what society can call "beautiful". Thank you, but I'd rather be me.

Uploaded 06/18/2008
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