Charlie's Job...aka...Entertaining Blog for Deevo

   My friend Charlie got me a pretty sweet job at a huge plant a few months ago.  I am making more money now than I was at the job I had for 13 years.  I work with smart people and I actually have good days at work.  There is one thing that bothers me.  Charlie is my supervisor. 

   Charlie is a decent supervisor, but I wanted his job.  Therefore, about a month ago I started a rumor that Charlie was having an affair with another supervisor.  The rumor spread like a raging wildfire on a Los Angeles hillside.  Charlie's wife, who is also a good friend, found out and she is divorcing him.  The other supervisor I implicated has gone on FMLA leave.  The rumor mill would not shut down.  So I just rode it out. 

   Charlie's work began to suffer.  I stepped up and told him I would pitch in and help him get his work done.  I did, but I told his supervisor that I was doing all of Charlie's work and that Charlie should be watched more carefully.  Poor Charlie couldn't bear the strain and he quit on Friday.  I took over the vacant supervisor position today.

   The position was much harder than I anticipated.  I don't really like it.  So I put in my two weeks notice.  I guess Charlie's job wasn't really worth it.  I do have a date with his soon to be ex-wife this weekend...she is smoking hot.  Word!

Uploaded 06/01/2010
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