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Ohayou, guys! It's me, Neko Ph.D. the famous psychologist and ice cream guru. Today we are discussing what's the best ingredient to enrich cherry-flavored ice cream. But first, Neko Mail:
I'm not an English teacher. Sorry about the typo though. Appetizer precedes a meal to stimulate appetite. Look it up. Highly acid beverages will curdle cream on your tongue as well as in your bowl. But my orange juice kicks your orange juice's ass. There's no accounting for taste, but it's not a good flavor combo for ice cream or for walnuts. Your preoccupation for that which is expensive is kind of lame. Just because you pay more doesn't guarantee high quality. It just guarantees you'll pay more. You can name call all you want. I said strawberries are a good flavor combination. I didn't suggest you drink a glass of strawberry juice while eating ice cream. That being said, the pH of strawberries usually runs from 5.5 to 6.5. The pH of orange juice is usually around 3.5. It is way higher in acid concentration than any strawberry you can find that's even approaching ripeness. Look it up. You don't know shit about fruit, science, or ice cream. This is why your ice cream doesn't curdle around your strawberries and does around your orange juice. Your blog was shit and gave bad information about a very important topic, ice cream. - Tomlet from Colorado
Tomlet is what we, Quality Ice Cream Experts, like to call a "stupid faggot."

First of all, it should read "sorry for the typo, though" not "sorry for the typo though." Since you have already proven to have trouble with English language, it's not surprising that you also can't comprehend some basic definitions. Take "appetiser," for example. It's food or drink to stimulate the appetite. Not necessarily preceding the meal - you can still use it to strenghten the taste during the consumption. Look it up in an encyclopaedia.

As for orange juice curdling ice cream - you're a complete idiot. Nobody asks you to pour it on the plate. I also understand that you might have a drinking problem and a glass for you must be the size of a mug. For me, a refined person, a glass is about 150 ml in volume and suitable for wine. You only need to take a sip before eating the ice cream and I assure you, it won't curdle it in your stomache. It's meant to be an appetiser after all. Not to mention you can make orange ice cream by adding orange sherbet.

If Richard Gere would ever invite you for a glass of champagne, you'd probably eat all his strawberries, you glutton.

Today we are talking about cherry ice cream with a special something. With cherries. But what to do when it's not cherry season? You buy frozen crap? No way! Candied cherries might be a good idea, but adding sweet cherries in alcohol should be much better. Of course, I wouldn't recommend doing that with cheap ice cream. We need quality ice cream with full, creamy flavor, that are also sweet in taste. I encourage Rednote and Tyaeda to save up some money for a week and buy the better kind at least once, so they can feel the difference

Gellato tutti scuzi aldente! (that's Italian, for those who don't know)

Uploaded 06/20/2011
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