Childhood memories

It's time for a little group participation here.

I am not all knowing or even especially smart so I cannot invite you to ask me questions to which I will reply with a clever bon mot or witticism.
Instead I would invite you all to share a vivid childhood memory (hopefully good) that will always live with you. Whether it is positive or negative, as long as it was something that you feel changed your life or taught you a lesson 

I would ask that you refrain from horror stories about your childhood but if that is what you want to share then so be it.

I'll get us started:

This might sound a little crazy but one of my most vivid memories was when shampoo was first marketed in plastic "unbreakable bottles" , Mom told me that I could take the shampoo and put it away because it was in an "unbreakable" bottle and it should be safe for me a s a small child to carry . I took the bottle into the bathroom and threw it at the floor and of course it broke....I then told my mom that I had just dropped it and it first lie....I felt so horrible about it that I confessed within a few days, a valuable life lesson about the power of the truth. Ironically I was made to decide my own punishment and I was much harsher on myself than my parents would have been....another valuable lesson.

That's my story what's yours?
Looking back


PS anyone up for a new Flash Fiction?

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