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If you dont know who chris collinsworth is please take this time to go to google images and look particularly at pic 4 on top row. Ill wait go ahead. While people who dont know who chris collinsworth is take this time to look at him, who misses john madden just a little. "Whoa! You could take the arms and legs off Brett Favre, hed still be the best torso in football" (You know you said that in your probably bad version of a John Madden voice) I heard that somewhere and got a good laugh, figured itd be worth sharing.

Well by this time you know looked at a picture of this son of a bitch collinsworth. I bet you felt rage fueling through your body. You want to hit him, im sure of it. This is before you even heard the bastard announce a football game. His announcing is worse then the sound babies make when being tossed off a 12 story building. Hell, he actually manages to make that sound soothing. Babies being tossed off buildings will be become music to your ears after listening to 10 minutes of this cocksucker.

But for me, its not so much the announcing that makes me want to strangle myself with my cock, its his fucking face. That dopey smile and his combed, slicked back hair makes me want to keep his face warm with a metal bat. I want to scalp him or force him to eat his face.

My hatred goes so strong on this person. I mean my top 3 of people i hate are Adolf Hitler, Osoma bin laden, and chris collinsworth. Thats right. He is in the same category as a dictator who killed millions of penny pinchers and a terrorist with a beard that looks like rosie odonnals pubic hair. Ill never meet Chris Collinsworth because who really ever see's anyone kind of famous but you bet your first born, when i do, its fucking on. Hes getting a knuckle sandwich with a side of samuria sword. (because if i walked by him on the streets, i always keep my trust samuria sword on me, just in case.)

Fuck you chris collinsworth, i hope on the road to hell you are raped by enlarged versions of insects and when you get they make sure you have 3 hot meals a day that are made up of shit and dead transvestite vagina.

Uploaded 09/30/2009
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