Chris Farley The Conspiracy file...

      Chris Farley Is an actor that died in the mid 90s.It is possible and more likely that he survived due to the over whelming evidence he is still alive. It has become obvious upon reviewing the facts of his death and his career after his so called over dose....If infact chris farley did over dose how do you explain him being so fat??? Have you ever seen a fat coke head??I havnt.Also If chris farley had died then who continued playing roseanne bar???? I submit he never stopped playing her.. He continue sto mock us in his fat roseanne get up.. Now i will list reasons why he is infact alive and fatter than ever.

1.He is infact still playing the role of roseanne bar.
2.He sold his soul to the vodoo upon his leaving patrick swayzee as they were infact a couple.thus he is a highlander
3.Chris farley slipped up while playing rossie o donell ,He went gay as A WOMEN...when infact he is just a straight man
4.When phil hartman decided to fake his death he packed his Bff necklace had hadmade for him and C.F.
5.If you go to the snl dressing room and leave out a sandwich. it will be mysteriously eaten.dissapear into fat air?
6.Chris farley had a small role in shrek mike myers had him become the stunt double for shrek.
7.Chris farley enjoyed drugs too much infact to die... Andy dick said once "he ,loved the drugs."
8.Elen was charmed by chris farley till she became a lesbian. She was unaware he was a man.
9.Also i believe it in my heart he is alive....He was like a fat uncle to me



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