Christ was not a Christian.

The title is not an oxymoron, it is a simple truth. Jesus, if the bearded fellow ever existed -which he may have done, but just as a man, not divine-  at all was Jewish . The first chapter of Matthew and the third chapter of Luke attests to the genealogy of the Jewish roots of Jesus. And yes there is a mention of a "holy ghost" that impregnates Mary, why? well to steer Jesus from his Jewish roots of course,  they did this to serve there own agenda so that the Catholic Church seated in Rome would have power and of course the only sure way to "heaven".

     What proof of there, well lets start with the fact that Jesus was a Hebrew, he never heard the word "Christian" the bible first records its use in Antioch 40 years after his crucifixion. Most Christians think of Jesus and his twelve disciples as Christians before there time. Not so! Jesus was not Christian. I repeat. He was not a Christian. He was born to Jewish parents. He was dedicated in the Jewish tradition. He was reared studying the words of Moses and the prophets of Israel. He became a Jewish rabbi and died with a sign over His head that read: "This is the king of the Jews!"
          No one will ever know what Jesus looked like, but he certainly wouldn't look like the Caucasian fellow we see plastered all over western civilization.  He would appear small and slender with penetrating dark eyes, an olive complexion and prominent Semitic features. He'd have the long falling ear locks of the Hebrews, His hair uncut at the corners, and a full manly beard, and His shoulders would be draped with a tallit.
     Not enough?, well, in 313AD  the Roman Emperor Constantine 1 issued the Edict of Milan legalizing the practice of Christian worship. why would he do this, this is a fundamental, since the Roman Empire had been persecuting the Jews for centuries trying there damnedest to wipe them out. The answer is simple, if you snoop around through some ancient and medieval history, you will know that religion and politics have always been twisted together, all through history, just as they are today "In God We Trust" for example. Constantine is known for two great accomplishments: First, Creating the Roman Catholic Church as the official spiritual regime of the Roman Empire and Secondly, Re-uniting the empire. I think it's fairly obvious that these two accomplishments were closely related to one another. Constantine used the creation of the Roman Church as a tool to reunite the empire. And thus re-establishing the Roman empire as the powerhouse in the west. Still not enough? If you look at history Constantine ordered The First Council of Nicaea to be convened, where it was DECIDED that Jesus was the son of God, they also set out the date of Easter. They used the Christian faith to there own ends to keep there stranglehold of the flock, they claimed the divinity of Jesus, borrowed myths from other religions and other "Gods" and put it into one hodgepodge that would eventually be known as the bright eyed, very much white Jesus, you sheep look to in your time of need, instead of looking to each other. 

     If you read this and want to disagree, look up everything I have said, it is all true and firmly documented throughout history. If you then think, yeah Christianity may be flawed, but it has done some good, and I feel better myself because I have some morsel of self confidence because I have fuck all in my life and when I hit rock bottom I looked to the skygod for answers and he gave them to me. No he didn't you had nothing and looked for something, anything to make your life worth living, you don't have to look to some false religion to do that, you can look to your fellow man and respect each other. More people have been slaughtered in the name of religion than any other reason in history. It is still going on to this very day, people killing each other over whose imaginary friend is the best. They are all wrong, they are all fictional, they are not real, when you die you will have no golden light and St Peter will not greet you to heaven or cast you to the depths of hell. How do I know this, because none of the miraculous things that happened in the fictional book that is the bible has happened again, no  talking snakes, miracles, no rapture, no second coming of Christ, nothing, nothing, nothing, and why hasn't it happened, because it was made the fuck up, and people back then weren't advanced enough to see how ridiculous the entire notion of it is. What am I saying, you people still think all of these fictional stories are true don't you!!!!!. I find it frustrating and hysterical in equal measure that if you said to a Christian or some other religious person and say, the ancient great Gods were based on stories, were myths and made up and you would agree that they are farcical. BUT LOOK AT YOURSELVES IF THE GREEK GODS ARE MADE UP, HOW IS JESUS AND GOD NOT?   

       Just one last thing to think  on, where was Jesus born, Bethlehem, where did he spread his word, Jerusalem. Where is the seat of power for all of Christendom, in Rome, in the very city where orders came from to slaughter the followers of "Christ" for centuries. I cannot say this enough, they did this to ensnare you and they still have you, to this day they have you. And you are all so blind they will never loose there grip on you. 
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