Christmas Shopping at Pamida

Looking for that special gift for your family? Or that extra special gift for your loved one? Than look no further, because Old sparks is here to help.


First off, I know what all the ladies these days are cravin' for. This is the one big gift that will really make them drool. Oh yea, you guessed it. A copy of Good Burger on DVD. You see, here at Pamida we're really into making the customer happy. And we know all the guys around will be gettin some real special action after a gift like that. Sure it's marked 9.99, which is a bit outside the budget, but for a real classic like this you should be begging to pay that price.

Say the person you're buying for is a real book-lover. They've read all the great retail store novelists, from Terry Brooks to Nicholas Sparks. Well here's one for them:  Big Girls Use the Potty. Not only does the cover feature mild child-pornography, but the story material is great! Can't go wrong here. But say you want to go a little cheaper than 3.99, (this is for you, guys) then you might wanna take a look at "Dakota's Mom goes to the Hospital." You can fool all your friends into thinking its a book on spousal abuse. What fun!


Say you don't know just what to get for that special someone. Well, Pamida also has a great selection of food. There's the classic Christmas gift of....drum roll please... The 20 pound barrel of pretzels. You can let them know that you're cost effective, and a smart shopper, because after all, 20 pounds of individually purchased pretzels would be MUCH pricier than buying them all at once. Way to impress the jews!


Still don't know what to get? Don't forget about our great selection of clearanced poptarts! Show someone you barely care enough about them to buy a gift. Surprise them with either chocolate, strawberry, or any of the 12 year old varieties!



And thank you for shopping at Pamida, your Hometown Values Store. Have a great night.

Uploaded 12/07/2008
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