Chuck Norris is a False God

have noticed lately just by sitting in my classroom that the actor Chuck Norris has become increasingly popular. I hear jokes that make Norris out to be some kind of messiah or even god, even though he is just a mortal. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS PEOPLE he is not any better than you or I. Yes he knows martial arts and i respect that, but anybody could become a master at martial arts if they have the drive for it. People really need to stop telling these jokes because thats how religions get started, and we do not want to lead people in yet ANOTHER wrong direction. If anyone should be thought of as a god it should be Mr. T. He has all of the godlike qualities too. He pities the fool, he wears gold chains, and has a gnarley fro-hawk. Look at Chuck, he does those dumb bo-flex commercials that anyone could do. Mr. T did a commercial in which he crushed an 8-ball in one hand. He is the master of all that he sees. Definatly more powerful and godly than stupid Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is a false god, a sellout, and WALKER TEXAS RANGER SUCKS!!! But im sure old Chucky is a great guy. He just needs a new profession. Such as a department store clerk. He could actually SELL the bo flexes. Anyway this blog is just a warning to all idolizers of Norris. If you keep telling these stories and jokes you will actually start believing them. Then before you know it you will end up dead on a bunk bed with your genitalia cut off and a purple sheet draped over you. Why? because of Chuck Norris. Please everyone leave the darksided Church of Chuck Norris behind and join the A-Team. Mr. T will never let you down, and he is the closest thing to a god that you people will see here on earth.

Uploaded 12/08/2008
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