Civilian Cops

First of all I apoligize for my bad spelling I cant help it.

This weekend in my tiny little ass hick town we had a fall fair. I was hanging out with my boyfriend but I didnt go but my sister did because she had buissness tot ake care of aka she was kicking some whores ass ( note ven kiding this girl got ecoli  from taking it up the ass and then having vaginal sex). But my friend ryan was there two and he got pepper sprayed for noe reason. There was a fight and he wasnt even involved, He jsut saw it happening and was watching and some cop ran up to him and pepper sprayed him, And the did this to like every single person within 10 meters of the fight WHAT THE HELL.

They also tazered somone, And he wasnt even the one they thought they were tazering. Civie cops suck ass, They think their so fucking amazing because they get a gun  ooooooohh no watch out for the big fat pig, Hell pepper spray you and then eat you.

Like whats their issue all they do is go around kicking peoples asses who donte ven deserve it, I swear next time I see a cop im going to scream pig and run away, cause im a pussy like that

Uploaded 09/14/2008
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