Class Action Lawsuit

I just saw where a bunch of people are filing a lawsuit against Phillip Morris to the tune of billions of dollars. Why are they doing this? Apparently smoking light cigarettes has adverse health effects even though they are "lights" or "reduced tar" blah blah blah. Why would you want to smoke anything with tar???

So basically, these people want to sue the tobacco company for their own stupidity. They're claiming to be victims of the evil corporation. My question is, what about personal responsibility and accoutability? I mean, I know there are some dumb people in the world, but I can't believe that people who smoke are not even remotely aware of the health risks.

This is like people sueing McDonald's for getting morbidly obese after eating nothing but Big Macs and super sized french fries. Eat a healthy diet and get some exercise!

I don't know what is worse, the fact that lawsuits like this are filed or that they even see the inside of a courtroom. If I were the judge I would throw out the case.

If you're a smoker that's your business but don't blame your health problems on others.

Uploaded 10/06/2008
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