Classic Beauty

Whatever happened to the "classically" beautiful women?  Where have they gone?  Whatever happened to them?  How did they go out of style? 

Think about sex icons from the early to mid 20th century.  They are so different than what our society deems to be beautiful now, but you can't help but look back at them in awe at their beauty and grace.  Prime example:

Miss Ann-Margret.  She wasn't a frightfully thin woman.  She was a bit risque, no doubt, but she was a fantastic actress, and so freaking gorgeous that words cannot describe it. 


Example #2:

Marilyn Monroe was a size 16.  But you never heard anyone saying she was fat.  She was, by today's standards, a plus sized woman.  Yet there was not a straight man that could look at her and not feel his pants grow a bit tighter.


Example #3:

Gretta Garbo.  There are no words to describe this woman.  Not any that could ever do her justice.  She is the epitome of beauty, really.


Example #4:

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Audrey Hepburn.  She was so beautiful, so amusing in her roles.  Her eyes were her perfection, really.

Example #5

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Madeline Kahn:  A beautiful actress with so much talent who's life was cut short by ovarian cancer.   She was fantastic in everything she did, and she sticks out most to me for her roles in Mel Brooks' films.  To me, she will always be the tutonic titwillow, Lily Von Shtupp.


I miss this kind of beauty.  Any more, all you see are the anorexic looking sticks that end up getting plastic surgery to make themselves try to look younger instead of aging gracefully as they would have done, growing into beautiful older women that could still make your heart melt.  I miss it.

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