clone wars, south park, and annoying fans

I keep hearing about the new south park so I'm going to get my thoughts in on this, because I don't have the sense today to not bother. the only thing that was stupid about the newest episode was that matt and trey are not letting go of the whole clone wars thing. just about everyone has been making jokes about this, and its getting on my nerves. im not a rabid fan, but I have enjoyed the star wars franchise since i was little. I know i'm not alone in this, but i actually love the new movies, and the clone wars cartoon, and the animated clone wars movie. everyone who complains probably just has fond memories of being a child and being easily amused. yes the original movies were amazing, that's because you were eight years old then. the new movies don't ruin shit for anyone, and if they do then ignore them. the timline in which the original movies take place is the most boring period in star wars history. without the clone wars and the old republic, there wouldn't be anything even slightly entertaining about star wars anymore. I know all you people have such a hard time with a franchise aging, but thats what good stories do, they change and adapt and continue. I concede that the stories aren't as amazing now as they started out, but I don't care. I concede that the new effects and amazing light saber battles in the new movies are just shiny turds. very lovely but no substance. again, don't care. And don't start in with that narrow universe nonsense. I know it's fucking unlikely in the size of the star wars universe that the daughter of the man that saved jabba the hutt's son would kill him. Once again, it's just fiction. stop picking it apart and try to enjoy yourselves.

Uploaded 10/09/2008
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