Cocaine and Mardi Gras

So I met with some people the other night to just chill and play some pool at the local tavern. The night was well until we left the bar and went down the street to someone else's house. The folks in the car ahead were more than drunk. I found myself in a car with a person slightly inebriated. We get to the house and as hospitality the host offers a line of blow. I think I had to tell him about 6 times that I do not, will not in take drugs. I wasn't even drinking and have not all year had any alcohol. When people are on cocaine they are really not easy to communicate with. I wanted to leave and after about an hour of trying finally was able to. I ended up being the DD to get to another friends house. The night turned into bad news bears as I am with two dudes who did some lines and one of them didn't pay for it. The other guy asked to borrow money from me for something which I later found out was to feed his drug habit. I am pissed on the inside. I ended up sleeping at the house I drove to, yelled at the guy who didn't pay for anything because he just wanted more more more stuff (cigs, weed, etc). He left that morning and I stayed with the guy who stills owes me cash and watched the Simpsons movie. All the work they put into that and the Simpsons movie really wasn't that great. I fell asleep woke up lifted weights and made food in the kitchen. I left and went to church. At church I cried pretty hard. The people around me could tell something was up. Before communion could even commence the person to my left asked me when church got out. I had a voice in my head that thought they should get out. I am so sick of impatience  that I practice the awful habit. I told them that church was almost over. 20mins later...and church was almost over. I am sick of a life doing things against myself. I pray to God to have these life problems resolved and I know that just such will take place. If you are still reading then, you get a gold star. i am just blogging about something that is not yet Tuesday and not quite Sheen.
Uploaded 03/09/2011
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