All men knows the feeling. Being on the giving side or the recieving side, weve all been on one side of the spectrum. Here are the thoughts that go through each of their minds.

Thoughts of the cockblocker- Where is Chris? Ive got to tell him about what i just saw, he is the only person i know at this party. Hey, i know that guy, im gonna wave. Damn, he must not of saw me, shit my hands still up, umm oh let me pretend im fixing my hair. Fuck, that guy saw me. Let me nod quick to him. Ok, nod back i guess were cool. Where the fuck is chris? Oh, there he goes into that room with that really drunk chick. Oh man, i got an idea thatll surely get people to talk to me, ill try to get someone to come in for this cocblock with me and itll be so funny. Let me g et that guy i nodded to who also isnt talking to anyone. Wow, this guy said thats an uber cool idea, i thought i was the only one to say that. Here comes the epic cockblock. 1 , 2, 3. Oh fuck what a cockblock. That girl ran right out of the party, so epic. Hey why does chris look mad? What the fuck,!! when did cockclocks not become good fun

Thoughts of the victim- I am about to band numero 3 this month. A career high for chris, the kid is on his way. Why am i commentating. Focus. Fuck, theres harry, why the fuck did i bring him. Ill pretend i dont see him. Ok in the room. Lets get these clothes off and begin the festivities. Damn, she is not only hot but hammered. I hope she dont pull know superbad shit cause im in the zone. What the fuck is going on? Why does it sound like someones by the door, fuck it, concentrate on fuckin this bitch. Youve got to be fuckin kiddin me. Im gonna punch this son of a bitch. Fuck my hand hurts. Im out of this fuckin party.

Men, do not cockblock, i dont care whats going on, never be the giver of a cockblock.

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