Code of Silence

I want to rise above the fold
Dig deep beneath
the lies we've been told

Tell the truth, as it really is
not make up stories
in the  journalism biz

They take facts and twist them
and shove them down deep
down our throats
til we cannot breathe

a PR machine
that's slick and clean
and drips out shit
that we dont know what means

They've covered their eyes,
and cut out their tongues
and sewn up their ears,
from the evil system thats run

They pretend they know nothing
well let me dispel:
Its still considered lying
if they say nothing as well

If news knows the truth,
its their duty to print it
But instead they band together,
and lease lies without limit

Selective Stories, make the rounds
With headlines, and fluff,
and bullshit abound

But by golly,
you would tend to agree
the media should be interested,
in topics that we need

Like, where is our money,
that was illegally embezzled?!?!
Billions and trillions,
The matter is not settled

We've paid so much in taxes,
Our kids are enslaved,
A future generation
will work toward a cheap grave

How much will we pass on?
and kick down the road?
I guess well never know
because of the media code

Uploaded 12/17/2011
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