This shit right here goes out to all my haterz! ( Thats rights slutz i put a z on the end of those to show i mean buzinezz)

Okay so first off let me explain what the fuck is going down. Im making me a mutha fuckin name for myself right now! I just got through investing in the stock market cause that shits going to rise real soon i can feel it in my balls!  Not only that but i got me some new friends that know how to run this shit let me introduce them- Neko- A clever badass who runs the blog section with a iron fist, friendly, yet although if offended she can be cold hearted troll killer so watch your shit. Next up is my bromosexual Frogbob- Funny, sophisticated, and a all around good guy, fuck with him and ill skull fuck you with a machete. last but not least my new friend Batman666-  cool, calm, and collected, he likes to party and get fucked up, guess what? I do too! 

If that wasn't enough i had sex with jessica alba on my very own yacht, that's right bitches jessica alba on my mutha fuckin yacht naked having sex with me.......Rednote have you ever done that?........of course you haven't hoe your not balla enough you don't have connections!

Im pumped!!!! you know why!? Cause i have been watching hardcore porn all mutha fuckin day!!!
Me and my friends are a force to be reckoned with so back down bitches and let me go get some Ice for that Burn!!!!!!!!!!

I am about to go eat me a nice Mexican dinner at taco bueno.

Uploaded 07/27/2011
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