Come on Neko!

Well, I did Fukushima Mama the best I could.  We need Neko to star in a video for it!  Come on, Neko!  Lather yourself up with Lightning Bug Glow Juice®

and film a vid for me!  You can do it!  Show us what you've got!  Move those hips!

Fukushima Mama revised lyrics by Crazy Cal

I have a little baby who comes from Fukushima way
And her body glows at me all night and day
She's radioactive and she's comin' to the USA

Her skin's so hot that her clothes just burn right off
The smoke's so thick that all I can do is cough
When I tell my friends, all they can do is scoff


She's my Fukushima mama yeah oh yeah
She's my Fukushima baby yeah oh yeah
She's my Fukushima light house Whoo hoo
She's my Fukushima mama...
She's my Fukushima baby...
And she glows at me alll night... long


She's my Fukushima mama and she knows how to do me right
She glows so bright that we don't even need the lights
Don't know if she will, but somehow I think she might

(Ad libbed talking)

Copyright © 2011 Cal Jennings

Uploaded 05/29/2011
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