Community Laundry

I was 22 I had just moved from a trashy neighborhood in east Denver to a nice apartment in the subburbs. I went from crack heads and hookers to "middle class", "white" neighbors. There were 8 apartments in the building that shared 1 coin-operated laundry room.

1 week after moving in, I went to do my first load of laundry. As I was sorting clothes, the guy who lived across the hallway to the washer and dryer opened his door. He was middle aged (47), fat and ugly. When I looked over, though,  he shut the door real quick-and I was like "wait...did I just see his "junk"? I thought his pants were unzipped but it was so quick that I wasn't sure.

The following week I went to do laundry again and the neighbor opened his door. When I looked,he jumped back real fast- but this time I was sure. This fucker just flashed me! I saw nasty, gray haired cocknballs. I was pissed so I went to tell the apartment manager. I told her to tell him he better keep it in his pants, but she didnt believe me because the guy had lived there for 7 years and I had only been there 2 weeks.

So 2 more weeks went by and one night I went to finish my laundry and get my clothes out of the dryer. As I came around the corner this bastard was standing there...COMPLETLY naked...masturbating into the dryer where my panties and bras were!

Ooooh shit! His ass was all white and saggy and he coverd himself and said "oh, I'm naked" I stood there in complete horror...I couldnt even say a word, my jaw was on the floor. When I pulled myself together I went back to my apartment and called the police.

When the cops showed up to talk to him he even answered the door naked. But they said they couldnt arrest him because he had no prior convictions. And instead of going through an eviction in court, the apartment manager moved ME to a different building for a months free rent.

He got off with nothing more than a few random acts of vandalism to his car of which I "plead the 5th". Now I know why my jeans were standing up on their own...

Uploaded 05/18/2008
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