Company Picnic

My dad's company picnic was yesterday at Harris Hill in Big Flats, New York. My dad works at the Vulcraft of New York. At Harris Hill ( it's family owned ), they have many places to picnic, an arcade, a snack bar, a playground, a merry-go-round, a few kiddie rides, an ice cream stand, go-karts, mini-golf, batting cages, a driving range, a swimming pool, several pavillions for small parties, glider rides, a museum about flying called Soaring Attractions, and a BIG dining hall with a kitchen and extra rooms for dining that we didn't use. That's where the food for our party was. They had tables set up outside and inside to eat at; tents to provide plentty of shade; free sno-kones, cotton candy, face painting, and other activities. The party ran from 11-4 and food was from 11-3; rides were open at 12 ( we got to do the go-karts, mini-golf, kiddie rides and merry-go-round,  batting cages, swimming pool, and driving range for free because we got bracelets at the picnic payed for by the company ); the pool was open from ?-7, the DJ was from 11-3, and the prize drawing was at 2. My cousin ( Pat, he's turning 20 in September, is an intern for the summer at my dad's work and he and his girlfriend, Ali followed us up ), his girlfriend, and my family all immediately got some food. All I had was 2 salt potatoes, a scoop of ziti, and a scoop of some interesting pasta salad. After that, I met up with my friend Haley ( she's 2 grades behind me and she rides our bus, no not the short bus but borderline. Haha. Her mom and her mom's boyfriend work at Vulcraft as well ) and my brother met up with Austin, our dad's friend's kid. We walked down the hill to the rides and such. It was about 90 degrees out but I had a watter bottle with me. Then I started to feel sick so instead of going on with the boys, Haley and my mom sat down at a picnic table in the shade with me. I kept drinking my water and I felt a little better. Then I just hit me so I leaned over and puked. At one point I was standing up while I was puking but I don't remember why. I went over by the woods, away from the picnic-ers and kiddie ride-riders just in case I had to puike again, but I didn't. My mom went to the snack bar and got me some Sprite or Sierra Mist or whatever and a pack of mint gum. Then I sat back down at another picnic table and sipped my soda for a little while. Then we went to watch Pat, Ali, Cameron ( my brother ), my dad, and Austin play mini-golf. I felt better so Haley, my mom , and I did mini-golf. The first 9/18 holes were in the shade but the last 9 were in the blistering sun so we called it quits. We're not sure who won. We went back up the hill to the picnic for the prize-drawing. I had 2 things of cotton candy and some more water before the drawing so I guess you could say that I was feeling better. Neither Pat nor my dad won anything. My dad hasn't won anything in the past 3 years, ever since the picnic was moved from Park Station to Harris Hill.  My dad and brother went down to where we had parked the truck so my brother could get changed to go swimming. Pat & Ali were already at the pool. The DJs were going to have a water baloon toss/war but nobody signed up to do it so they just set a couple of buckets of water balloons up on the deck and whoever wanted to could take one. THEN people started throwing them at each other. I took one with the original intent to join forces with Haley and throw it at Todd, Austin's dad. We couldn't find him so I took off to the truck where my dad was still waiting for my brother to get dressed. My dad knew right away what I had so I couldn't get him. My brother wass just sitting in  the truck, waiting for someone to open the front passenger door ( the truck is a 3 door ) so I went around and let him out. I waited for him to come around the truck and I threw it at him. It didn't break so he reached for it but I grabbed it before he could get it. He ran away and I didn't want to push my luck so I just waited for him to turn around and start walking. Then I threw it at him and once again, it didn't break. I ran ahead of him to catch it because it was rolling down the hill but this time he got to it before I could. He threw it at me and again, it didn't break. So it rolled some more and came to a patch of straw where a piece must have poked it because it burst. So much for that. So Cameron and my dad went down to the pool and my mom and I packed up the folding chairs and put them in the truck. Then we walked down to the pool  and sat next to my dad and watched my brother swim. Ali was not in the pool very much and she didn't go on the high dive, just the little guy diving board. Why didn't I swim, you ask? Because: A.) I didn't want to B.) I still wasn't going to push my luck C.) I didn't bring my suit because I had gone swimming at my cousin's the night before and it wan't clean or dry. So we watched Pat do some right nifty dives off the high dive and we watched Cameron float about and then it was time to go home. We had to go down a semi-windy hill for about 5 minutes and I told my dad to slow down so I was fine. The rest of the road home was basically high-way so I didn't throw up again. I didn't throw up again at all yesterday. And no, I'm not pregnant so don't even suggest it. As always, thanks so much for listening to me ramble.

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