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I am not the social butterfly society begs me to be, but I am still in the loop of things. I just don't enjoy binge drinking, or chilling at the lake for a weekend. I'd rather be doing something productive (but most of the time results in me wasting time on eBaums).

Many of my friends (most I know because of shops I frequent, like fast food or the gas station) like to talk about sex, or alcohol, or the party they just had. I can hold a conversation for 20-30 minutes, but then it just gets boring. One in particular is always talking about the new girl he wants to fuck, but is overweight, bald, and just doesn't look like Tom Cruise. An old co-worker of mine is the same way - talks about his girls, but he is 55, very obviously aged, and missing teeth. Somehow, they BOTH get quite a bit of sex. This really gets me thinking. So here is me and my sex life in a nutshell. Am I about where I should be?


I am a 20 years old male.

I drive a yellow 4WD Ford Ranger (its very clean).

My looks get complimented all the time.

I have (and are currently) "seeing" multiple girls, but have not taken it further than anything more than talking on the phone or going on a date.

I live at home, which seems to affect my sex life.

Gay people seem to have a huge fascination with me. And since gays are slightly more open about sexual matters, they really let it out. This must mean I am attractive, right?

I work at a company that averages around 30 employees per store, and we are always hiring and firing. Over my 3 year career here, I have seen 15 girls come and go that have liked me, and 2 more on the way.

When I lost my virginity, I made the girl orgasm twice before I did - but she was experienced in sex, she said I was the best she ever had.

Back in high school, though I was too scared to have sex (and didn't have a place to do it), I had been with plenty of girls. We made out, I fondled, and I fingered. These were always the pretty girls too. I went to a private school with about 500 kids, but made friends with public school girls too, which I had gotten with.

I am very scared of making the first move because I do not know how a girl will react. I always wait for the girl to make the first move (and that's the way all my other experiences started) because I have this feeling that she will think I'm a pervert.


All that being said, I have only had sex 4 times. Am I doing OK?


My first sex encounter lasted maybe 10 minutes. My second, 15 minutes. Third, 7 minutes maybe. But my fourth lasted a good hour and a half (maybe only 15 minutes of foreplay). How long should it last for something that should be passionate, and not just some quickie?


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