The longer I live the less I see of it, have we all gotten so wrapped up in ourselves we cant give out a little compassion? How about just a small nod to your neighbor and instead of ignoring the homeless man on the street give a buck is it going to kill you? I know heard it all they probably make more money than you do, they are going to buy drugs or booze and of course how do I know he even needs it? Give 1 dollar to five people bet at least one needs it and wouldn't you give 5 bucks to someone who needed it. Hell if you donate to a charity 4/5ths of it goes to the people who collect the money anyway. Just a short time ago my neighborhood homeless guy was found dead, I used to give him a 5 on Fridays and when I would take my cans to recycle I gave him that money. He was found dead behind a dumpster, alone and a few bucks in his pockets and everything he owned sitting beside him. Well what do you know they were right we dont take it with us and "We dont get out of this world alive"....Hank Williams.

Give a little of yourself its up to us to get out of the mess we are in..........


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 07/24/2010
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