Congratulations Mizuka!

Winning is never easy in a public forum like this. With it's mixture of characters, options and unpredictability. But Mizuka pulled it off this year and I for one can't be happier for him.

With tags like:

Tags: Maid japan anime japanese cute perverted farout pervert asian pictorial weird wtf ftw epic win fail cosplay hot sexy girl

That if I typed it into the Google search bar would probably offer me a bevy of pedophilia sites and have the Swat team at my door ready to publicly charge me with being a "goof", (street version).

And who could forget those epic battles with Tyaeda, long back and forth diatribes, everything from, "you are such a bitch", to "you are just an attention whore"?

Yes, these are definitely statements what would be expected from a  well healed Mod. I dream of a day that world leaders sit around a table and Mizuka is the Mod. Kapow!!!  World problems solved in a fire ball of, "he said, she said" and mass confusion as all the  Mizuka Alts whirl around the room, thumbing up and thumbing down is some strangely predictable choreographed dance.

There maybe some doubt in my mind as to some of the winners of the Ebaumys, but this is a slam dunk for voter awareness.

Looking forward to next years Ebaumys. Just like the Olympics, the Ebaumys will improve every year, this has been a great one.

A touching tribute to Mizuka and all the contestants that participated!

Now a special arrangement just for Mizuka!

Uploaded 11/17/2010
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