I watched this great movie today. It was called Brotherhood of the Bell. It starred Glen Ford a great actor before most of you were born. It basically plays out what can happen to someone who joins a powerful secret society and when asked to do something that is immoral, what can happen to you if you reveal the secret society.

I actually have a friend who went through something very similar to this over twenty years ago and now that all the damage is done he is just starting to be vindicated along with some RCMP officers who's lives were also ruined.

Some people believe there are conspiracies, some don't, others don't care and some know they exist but don't care. This movie keeps getting taken off of Google and YouTube , some really bad clips are available there but they really suck. I can't do an embed for the movie but I can give you a link. Regardless of your beliefs, if you like older movies with a great story line and some excellent acting you will like this.  This movie has no car chase, bloody body parts, scenes bums and bewbs so it not for those who require those elements in a movie.

Another great Documentary.

Behind The Big News: Propaganda and the CFR

Uploaded 12/19/2010
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