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I feel that convicts go to jail for punishment. they have to work and they don't get to see their families and whatnot. that's all fine and dandy. However, Indiana prisons (i live in Indiana ) crossed the line by now only feeding their prisoners two meals per day. My grandfather has worked for the Putnam county correctional facility all of his life, and he would tell us that the number one aspect of prison life that causes arguments, aggression and fights, is the fact that they are hungry.    He works in a shop now that sends inmates to work for him. The state of Indiana claims the inmates are fed roughly 2,600 calories per day. They now skip breakfast and their lunch consists of 2 peanut butter sandwiches, an orange, and a beverage. That's is about 688 for the sandwiches, 35 for the orange, and lets just say that had milk for kicks, that would be 66, creating a grand total of 789 calories. With no snack time they must be eating one hell of a dinner. 1,811 calories worth of dinner to be exact. That doesn't seem so hard but keep in mind that 50% of the calories from lunch were just starch from the bread and weren't that filling. I'm  not implying in any way shape or form that inmates should be pampered or have gourmet meals. But if we deprive people of food, what makes our prisons any more civilized that a jail overseas that we so harshly criticize for treating people so terribly? At least we don't beat our inmates right? wrong. they are still people.   Hunger and overcrowding are the two main causes of fights and aggression in jails. they steal each others food because they are hungry and they want to eat! then fights break out. or they riot because of meal cuts. The meal cuts were made because Indiana jails ate EXTREMELY overcrowded. I don't have the answer but i do know that they should get 3 proper meals a day just like any ordinary human being. - controversial

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