controversies for smart people

1.Illegal aliens cross the border everyday, have kids who become citizens, and take american jobs.  i have nothing against someone trying to better themselves or their family, but there is a process which they can become citizens and pay taxes like everyone else.

2.Gay marriage is something im for.  they have a right to be as misrable as everyone else jk if two people are in love no one has the right to tell them they cant get married i know what the bible says about this issue but times are changing

3. marijauna should be legalized.  there have been no reported overdoses which makes it safer than alcohol.  im happy to see the progress in california where it is very easy to obtain a license for medical marijuana WHITE WIDOW!!!!of course rules should apply to driving, public use, minimal age,etc. also pot was used as a painkiller before aspirin was invented pro death penalty and abortion.i've seen convicts in jail for life, they just get so used to it until they dont even think about the outside world and this penalty should continue be used for only the worst crimes.  if abortion was illegal, accidents would still happen, accidental pregnancy, and if someone is desperate enough they will take out a baby themselves, whether its legal or not. 

5.iraq.  there are so many views on this subject. i personally think we are there to finish the first bush's work and for oil.believe me i support our troops as much as the next american but why do we have to be the worlds police?

Uploaded 07/12/2008
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