Conundumb continued

Well it's been about a year since my last entry. I'm back at my room for rent in Kona. I've spent the last year: smoothing over my parent's fears(to no avail), helping halfway build a house in Montana(I was only supposed to wire it), finishing up a tattoo(5 years since the first half), involving myself in, and withdrawing myself from several relationships. Yet I remain.

I haven't read a book since was living and working on Oahu(early 2011), it's been a disappointment. I'm planning on heading back there when this Montana shit is out of the way. The house isn't for me, it's a favor for a friend, I had no prospects, and he had shit to do, so I beckoned the call and went. To my surprise the house wasn't ready for my specific aptitude, so I decided to buckle down and stick with it for a little concrete and framing. It became more and more treacherous as winter set in, the earth around the house is red clay, so a brief stroll through it to obtain tools or materials quickly becomes an ordeal. The snow would come to grant reprieve from this most tenacious of terrains only to bring the bitter, lip chapping, cunt of sub zero temperatures, not to mention the coccyx cracking slippery ice.

Fuck, I'm too interested in drinking to write any further at this time. I've got to watch Day of the Dead(1978) one more time.

Leave comments on "the almost statutory rape", "the threesome offer", "my younger brother's tranny porn files", and "skinny girl wants a bone", if you want those to be in my next entry.

P.S. I'll probably put 'em in there anyways, it's just feedback and patronage is important for my drunken motivation.
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