Coolest cop in the world

First of all, I would like to say that every word in this story is completely true. Wednesday afternoon I was pulling off of the freeway and there was car going too slow in front of me so when it split into a double lane I went in the fast lane and passed them. A little further down the road the same car speeds up and gets in front of me (keep in mind there are no cars in front or behind us) and hits his brakes. So I passed him on the right. A little further down I notice a cop behind me. He is following me but not flashing his lights or anything so I keep going. He eventually pulls me over in a parking lot and tells me I was going 75 in a 55 zone. I told him the situation of why I was going so fast and had get away from the other car. He agrees with my judgement and asks why my registration is expired. I tell him that I am too broke right now to pay for it. He understands and warns that they can tow my truck etc. He takes my liscense back to his squad car to check for warrants or whatever and comes back and asks me about my expired liscense. I tell him it completely crossed my mind and I didn't even think about it as the D.M.V. never sent me any warning. So basically I got pulled over doing 75 in a 55 no registration and no liscense. But the officer warned me extensively and let me go without one ticket. He is so fucking cool. I went to D.M.V. the next day and got everything taken care of and actually sent him an e-mail thanking him and letting him know I heeded his warnings. Morale of the story is, there are still good cops out there and I met one of the few.

Uploaded 11/14/2008
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