Copied and Pasted from gonePOSTAL P

Is it just me? Or, is a lot of the blogs showing up on here just simple copy and pastes of somebody else's work...

I mean I get it if somebody is posting jokes or talking about certain topics, you can tell it's stuff we probably all seen before.

However!  Some people just paste amazingly written stories (seemingly professional with perfect grammar) and fail to mention a source, author, website etc...almost as if they are passing it off as their own work.

Look, we are on Ebaum's and for the most part well.....I don't think your going to convince people your some sort of best selling author.

In the end I think it's ok to post other people's shit as long as you don't act like you wrote it.  Just like it's ok for Ebaum to post videos and games that are all over the web....but fatso (ebaum) doesn't act like he created the videos, he just shares them with us...along with his ugly mug.

Anyways, let me know what you think......I'm not a blog expert.

On second thought, I'm not sure if I really give a shit 'cause some of them are good reads.......tell me what you think anyway.

Uploaded 06/19/2008
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