Cops Kill Dogs

You would be disgusted to know how many innocent animals are killed by cops in America every year. Dogs shot while playing in their fenced yard, killed while locked in a cage or tied up in the garage, shot from behind in their own home while fleeing, entire clips emptied on 7lb dogs. Adults and children have died in the cross-fire. All by police officers trying to eliminate a supposed threat. These officers often receive little to no disciplinary action because they are not responding outside of protocol. As long as its ok for police to murder innocent family pets, no one can be safe.

If you think this doesn't affect you because you are a law abiding citizen and would therefore have no reason for an officer to be at your home, know this; in many of these cases, the officers made errors and contacted the wrong person or went to the wrong location for a call or bust.

As was the case for a vacationing family and their bulldog who police suspected of being bank robbers.

The children who were forced to sit handcuffed next to their dead dog after police conducted a wrong-door raid of their home.

A man at home playing with his dog is met by a gun wielding cop who shows up to the wrong house for a domestic disturbance call.

These are only a few of the disturbing cases that pop up across the country all the time. With all that being said, here is a video that demonstrates the effectiveness of mace on a dog. In this video, the man says the dog was chasing his cat and met him at the driveway with a can of mace. The dog is gone in less than 1 second and everyone escapes with their life.

Uploaded 12/27/2012
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