Copycats And Creativity

You see that every day. Better yet you get fed with it every day. It's obvious that creative approach and something new isn't the best idea to go for. It's too risky. Especially for the corporations and music stations. They know what's best for you and what's best for them. It's okay to listen to the popular music even if it's not anything original, because if you enjoy it, that means the haters should shut up and listen to what they like instead of criticising your favorite musicians. 

A lot of the pop music stars aren't much of an artist. It's the production companies and recording studios who are the original creators of their music and the stars you see on stage are more of a model for someone else's concepts and compositions than actual artists. Recently I've noticed a trend to copy any new shit that breaks through. It's rare that something original and not copied from someone becomes popular. It happened with the band LMFAO and soon... 

Okay, before we continue, here's a clip by LMFAO, if you don't know the band (highly unlikely).

Play it for a few moments and then listen to the music presented by the Korean band below.

 Do I even need to comment this shit? 

Uploaded 08/16/2012
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