corporate restaurants.

in the last 7 or 8 years i have worked in a couple of corporate restaurants. both foh and boh( front and back of house) and i recently went to one to eat and it hit my nerve and never again will i go back to one. why? when i worked at these places(tgi fridays, rainforest cafe, gordon and beirsch , chillis,chessecake factory... to name a few) i would notice things all the time. fisrt off, kitchen staff(92 percent of them) dont give a fuck. g they just want the shift to end as soon as they are in. most are mad latinos who dont have any knowledge or passion for food(im latino myself) and are working the job for obvious reasons(fuck la migra btw)so the kitchen is nasty,storage is nasty,if it gets busy in the kitchen it becomes a mess and stays like that until closing. food falls food gets mixed hands touch raw chicken the raw fish then a cooked steak. basically they have huge health concerns and somehow shit is not thhhaat bad when inspection comes by, of course. ive seen raw meat patties sitting in room temp, then 7 hours later.. vualaaaa still there. i can go on but basically who knows what your food goes thru before it hits your table. its all about money and profit in these places. very litle take pride. support indie non chain or fam.owned restaurants. or cook at home. servers bartenderss bussboys and hosts(es) can also do some fucked up shit(and talk uber mega mad shit then go smile at your face).... fuck that 

Uploaded 09/14/2010
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