Corruption. It's a Good Thing!

OK! I know, I come across like I wish people would just do the right thing, the just thing, the least hurtful thing. Well, in most adult situations that is a tough call and the answers are not so obvious.

It is quite apparent that, as much as I admire those who would risk so much to do the right thing, it might not be a good thing. The right thing angle is only worth while if most conflicts or solutions result in the right thing being done. Other wise good people get hurt and the dynamics of human evolution gets delayed. It is only natural for man to be selfish in order to assure self preservation and those that resist the strong will be eliminated.

That is why I have concluded corruption is a good thing. Who are the people that use corruption for political and financial gain? Who are the people who would ruin your life if you try to mess up their plans? Who are the people involved in conspiracy, government interference, black mail, espionage, extortion and loan sharking? They are extremely aggressive and motivated psychopaths.

This is how the world works, it gets shit done. It motivates the greedy to force the weak to do their bidding. If a road needs to be built, a contractor can bribe a Public Works official to award the contract to his firm. Hey! Whats wrong with that? The road gets built, everyone makes a buck, a good deal all around.

If you want to open an Italian restaurant in Toronto, you'll need tomato sauce. The best tomato sauce in all of TO. comes with the assurance your restaurant wont go up in smoke when you and your bambinos are sound asleep at night. Wow! Mama Mia, that's a good a sauce! Sure you'll pay a premium for your sauce, but business will be good, you'll make some new friends, you'll get some sleep and nobody gets hurt. 

There are people in third world countries who know that corruption is the answer to their dreams. They work hard, save as much as they can and then to get to a better country, they bribe the officials along the way. There are even people, for a "small price" will tell you how much for each official you will need to pay to get where you are going. This is a great service. You, as an illegal refugee or immigrant can jump the cue, get to your destination and once there, can apply for all your sickly relatives to join you. Why would anyone object to that?

I met a teacher this week who worked in Africa. He told me death is more prevalent in Africa and most people deal with it every day. One of his students died and knowing the family was dirt poor he raised some money to help them with the burial. After raising two hundred dollars he told his coworkers he was bringing the money over to the family. His coworkers laughed at him and said, "keep the money for yourself. No one expects you to give it to the family, that's the way things work here". Mr, Goody Teacher Boy takes the money to the family. The next day the news reports that the family was beaten and robbed for the money the teacher gave them. See? He should have just kept the money for himself. Corruption would have been the best solution here.

Now, corruption and those who engage in corruption is not what I would call a relatively stable way to conduct your life. Sometimes those involved in corruption get challenged by others who are more aggressive and psychopathic. A great example is the Italian mafia. At some point one of the Dons wanted to sell illegal drugs to the American citizens. This was against the rules within the mafia at that time. The money was too tempting so eventually a internal war took place and the drug dealers won. Corruption within corruption and ultimately corruption won.

So, hey!  Whats da matta? The drug addicts get high, the under paid cops make a few bucks, officials save up for their next campaign and the psychopaths feel in charge. It all works out.

My sister in law worked for a fatso clinic, right inside the hospital. What a gig this was. Hey, who is gonna question a fatso clinic inside a hospital? Now that's a front! She's a great broad, Big Pharma loves her as she becomes head admin. and takes all the candy they offer. Great trips to Cancun Mexico, corporate dinners and trips all over the world for her and the staff at fatso clinic. A great fuckin' life right?

Well, the bitch, after ten years of working there discovers the whole situation is bullshit and gets all righteous. She brings her concerns to the super rich doctor and is told, listen bitch you say anything about this and I'll make your life a living hell! This is where corruption does good to correct the situation. Man that's some good shit. The evil doctor offers her a "shut  the fuck up deal" worth one hundred and fifty thousand Sicilians or I'll make your life a  fuckin'  legal hell.

Of course, good ol' corruption wins again. The doctor can keep on extorting over eaters anonymous with false claims. My sister in law can pay off her house and buy a new car. And everyone gets a great nights sleep. I'm loving this!

Lets take a trip over to Cuba. This island nation was ripe with corruption pre Castro days. The girls were heavily prostituted the men had low paying jobs or were drug addicts. The mob was making a good buck laundering their money and racketeering. Then comes along Fidel Castro and fucks the whole situation up. This psychopath decides he doesn't want his people to be slaves to the American capitalists. Fuckin' great Fidel, what has your righteous ideas gained for you and your people? At least a hot prostitute could have made a   good buck, some tough drug dealers could have made their fortune and the world drug cartels would have had a convenient place to launder their dirty money. Your interference not only ended an illegitimate money printing business but was the catalyst for the Cuban missile crisis, a possible reason Kennedy was assassinated and now good American citizens can't buy your cigars. What good has your intervention done?

Corruption is the life blood of everything that works, don't fight it, learn how to use it for your own gain, if you can snuff out people who get in your way, or pay off key people to do your bidding, go for it.

I'm thinking about a great new business. Tyeada might want to buy a franchise from me. I'm a big strong overbearing individual. I figure a can keep my neighbors homes from catching fire at night for a small fee. Hey! Isn't this how the insurance business started? See, it's all good!

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