Craigsshit Wanted Ads: Flashing Arab Dudes


Date: 2009-07-19, 1:41PM EDT

Lost this card while visiting the USS Intrepid Museum, Grand Central Station and then Central Park Sunday afternoon, July 12th. It may be on the hill to the right of The Pond if you're coming in at the 59th Street or 5th Ave entrance. It contains touristy photos from the Empire State Building and the USS Intrepid. Finder is welcome to keep card as a reward since I just want the images. Will pay for shipping and DVD costs, of course. Thanks! wrote:

I found your Flash drive full of "touristy photos". You are clearly planning some sort of attack, noone takes that many photos of a building without bad intentions. What are you thinking as far as my compensation to keep this hush hush? W3

Poster Replied: caught me. I am guilty of being an "uncertain" photographer and a first time Empire State Building visitor. ;) So, what would you like? How about a couple drinks the next time I'm in NYC? It's the least I can do. wrote:

I guess a drink will suffice, but you better not be Arab. I know how much you Arabs like plotting terrorism. I DONT do Arabs. W3

Poster Replied:

Nope, not Arab. Good ol' American. Elkabab alhummus...'scuse me, I sneezed. Anyway, a thousand blessings upon you, your Blogspot and postings!

END TRANSMISSION: Craigsshit wanted ads has officially "surfed the shark". No more from W3SL3Y for awhile. It's too fucking hectic here now. It's funny to think I was considered a troll when i first started posting (or maybe I still am), I got nothing on these cockfags. big ups to the real bloggers that inspired me to write again: Platy, bohank and rednote.

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