Crap In A Hat

I was just sitting here playing Pac Man, and running Guns N Roses' "Patience" through my head.  I was thinking, why should I be geeked out about this now, but Axl Rose was once married to, or at least shtooping, Stephanie Seymour.  She's still smokin' hot, by the way.  And I got to thinking, that's been a while, why I am I thinking of that?  Let's see, Appetite came out when I was in middle school, that must have been, oh...

Twenty years ago?


It will be 19 years ago this fall that I entered high school.  That seems so unreal.  I'm still young, how did this happen?  I can still vividly remember arguing with my fifth grade classmates that the Boston Red Sox would win the 1986 World Series.  That was 23 years ago.

I can remember in first grade when one of the male teachers took the boys in the bathroom and told us "That is whay you pee in, that is what you poop in!"  I never figured out exactly what happened, and I probably don't want to.  That was 27 years ago.

I don't remember getting old enough to say that I remember something from 27 years ago.

I work with a guy who has ties older than me.  I can't be this old.

I am footfknmaster, and I am growing older by the second.

Uploaded 01/10/2009
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