Hey, Well I just learned that my neighbours are fucking crazy....... Isnt that great?! Well the chick that lives nextdoor to me lost her cat( Mind you this happened two days ago). Well this all started when her cat got out and my brother was trying to help her catch it, he was tryign to return the favor of them getting our cat out of the tree.. Well before he could catch it my mom made him come home so he did. The next day my sister and brother are sitting on the fromt lawn and she walks up and starts yelling at them for taking her cat??!!! They tell her we dont have it but she keeps saying they stole it, THEN she threatens to call the police to come search our house for it, so my sister says go ahead then the lady leaves. Mabey an hour later she comes to the door and tell's my mom that we stole her cat! Well my mom tole her that we don't have it like 600000 times, well she eventually left. Well a little while later my mom had to go to the store, as soon as my mom left that chick came to my door and started at it again!! She threatens to call the cops AGAIN! My grandma walks down and the chick stops being a bitch and acts all innocent! Ok well she leaves and my mom get's back. Around 10:00 a kid comes to my door saying we stole her cat!! My mom gets really pissed off and tells him to piss off, after we close the door her chucks a roak at my window, what an ass. Well the next day my brothers at his friends house and this old guy that lives next door to us(The chick lives with this old guy) follows him to his friends house and chases him around the neighbouyr hood, well my brother comes home crying because that fucking guy scared the shit out of him(My brothers only 8). Well my neibours are fucked up! I need to move.

Thanks for reading

Uploaded 08/12/2008
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