Creatures Of The Night - Part 20

"How.... how DARE you threaten us like this!?"
"I have nothing to lose, elders. You will do as I say, or else we all die. That is, unless the rest of you feel you've grown tired of living, then I would be more than happy to end each of your lives right now."

The elders stared back at Cale. They could see how serious he was, and they didn't have any doubt that he would follow through with his threat. One of the elders made a motion with his hand. Cale took this as a sign of agreement. He released Ajin, but it wasn't until a split second later that he realized his mistake.

He dodged quickly, and felt a nail graze him on the cheek. He couldn't stand up fast enough, and he soon found himself staring at the dark-haired assassin's nail being pressed up against his throat.

"Foolish boy. Did you really think we would allow a traitor to live in exchange for one measly assassin's life!?" One of the elders chuckled.
"It had crossed my mind. I must have been a fool to believe that the price of a werewolf's life would be worth so much." Cale sneered.
"At least make these final words a prayer, boy!!" The dark-haired assassin barked.
"Siras! You will not kill him yet. Not in this place. Take him outside and finish the job. Treacherous blood shall not be spilled on the council floor."

Siras. So the dark-haired assassin had a name. Cale was grateful that he should learn it. Unfortunately, Siras' name was the last thing on Cale's mind as he was dragged out of the room by his hair.

"And what of me, elders?" Ajin asked.

The elders sat back, and grinned to themselves.

"You will have the privelege of watching a true assassin at work. You are dismissed."


Everything around him was moving ever so slowly. Liek could hardly believe everything he was seeing. The two assassins in front of him slashed with everything they had, but it wasn't fast enough. Liek could see each attack before they even happened. He would make them suffer. He would make them pay dearly for what they had done to him. Most of all, they would suffer for killing the ones he loved.

Liek moved his head slightly as an upwards slash split the air next to him. He sucked his stomach in, and felt his shirt rip open as a second slash narrowly missed his midsection. He threw his fist forward and felt it connect with one assassin's jaw. A kick to the assassin's stomach sent him reeling. The other assassin threw his arm forward, and his nail pierced Liek's shoulder. He could hear the bone splinter inside of him, yet his body was numb. He felt nothing.

The nail was caught, and the assassin's hand was stuck. Liek could still hear the first assassin gasping for air. He would be up momentarily. Liek gripped the second assassin's arm by the wrist, and smashed his elbow out of it's socket with the other. He knew that he had torn several muscles with that motion, but he didn't care.

The assassin screamed. Liek wasn't finished. He threw his pierced shoulder down, and struck the second assassin's hand with his free arm. He felt something snap. It was the assassin's nail. The assassin screamed even harder. Liek turned and saw the first assassin rushing towards him. A well-placed kick to the groin doubled the first assassin over for the second time. The second assassin continued screaming, and made a desperate lunge for Liek's stomach. Liek quickly grabbed his arm, stepped over it, and pulled the shoulder out of place.

"How does it feel!?" He felt himself screaming. "Do you wish for mercy!?"

The assassin's screams were muffled by the dirt. Liek gripped one of the assassin's fingers and heard a sickening snap as he broke it.

"Did they beg for their lives!? DID THEY!?"


Liek could see the first assassin slowly standing up and then collapsing again. The first assassin was hurt, but the second was in sheer agony. His mouth was open in a silent scream. The pain was too great for any sound to come forth.


"Let me hear you cry, assassin!! Let me hear you beg the way they did before you killed them!"


The first assassin was up, and ready to attack again. Liek reached inside his shoulder, ripped out the nail that was imbedded inside of him, and jammed it down inside the second assassin's ear. His body jerked spasmodically as the nail punctured his eardrum. Liek stood up, and stomped down onto the nail. The twitching stopped. The first assassin could only stare at Liek. For the first time in all the years he had been an assassin, he was terrified.

Liek could smell the fear. He savored it. He took a step forward.

"Before I rip you apart piece by piece," Liek began. "I want you to do me one favor."

The assassin felt a spreading warmth moving down his leg as Liek took another step forward.

"I want you to tell me how it feels to be killed by a child without any nails."

to be continued....

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