Creatures Of The Night - Part 9

Liek staggered back. He had to get out. He had to make an escape. If not, he would be killed for turning against his people. He didn't want to think about how he would die. He looked around for a window he could crawl out of. Something. Anything would do. As he frantically scanned the room, he came to the realization that there was nothing. The assassin took a step forward.

"Get away from me!" Liek screeched.

Isaac grabbed ahold of him. Liek struggled.

"LET GO!!"
"It's ok, lad! This man 'ere saved yer life! He was the one who found ya!"

Liek stopped struggling. The assassin grinned. He had saved him? Isaac continued to speak.

"He was the one who carried you to our door. You were in a bad way, and he told us to take care of ya. There's nothin' to fear lad, it's ok."

Liek's heart was racing, but his relief outweighed his initial fear. Perhaps this werewolf was a friend of Cale's. Or maybe the council overlooked his remarks! Liek was giddy with excitement. The werewolf spoke.

"Isaac, Hannah, would you give us a minute? I must speak to Liek alone."

Isaac nodded and led Hannah out by the shoulders. The door shut behind them, and Liek walked over.

"I must thank you-"

Before he could finish, Liek felt a hand grip him by the face and pin him up against a wall. It had all happened so quickly, and Liek became so frightened that he felt something wet running down his leg.

"Save your thanks, traitor. I would have carved out your lungs, but I don't kill half-dead children."
"Please..." Liek whimpered.

Liek felt excruciating pressure on his temples. The assassin was going to crush his head, and he was powerless to stop him. Liek's eyes began to go dark, but he suddenly found himself on the ground. His head was throbbing like mad.

"What a worthless excuse of a werewolf. I would have thought that you would at least put up a fight. But no, you no longer have your nails. You let those humans remove them."

The assassin spat on the ground in front of Liek. All Liek could do was hold his head and let his tears fall silently. The assassin knelt down next to him and grabbed the back of his head.

"Such a pitiful creature. Neither Werewolf nor human. What place do you have in this world?"
"So kill me. Just get it over with." Liek sobbed.
"No. I think I'll let you suffer in this existence. Perhaps when I come back for you, you'll have your nails back, and you'll put up a decent fight."

Liek felt the grip slip away from his head.

"Just know one thing, traitor. I'm not the only one after you, so I cannot secure your safety. I suggest that you learn to fight. I'm sure your brother would at least want you to die with some dignity."
"My brother?"
"Oh, you mean you don't know why I'm here? It never crossed your mind that I wouldn't be here unless somebody told the council what happened?"
"No! My brother would never-"

Liek's words were cut off with a swift kick to the ribs. He felt himself on his back gasping for air.

"Not only are you a weakling, but you're a fool as well. I cannot be bothered with the likes of you. Get well soon, Liek. It will make running away that much easier."

When Liek recovered himself, he found that he was alone. He never even heard the assassin leave. And there, curled on the floor, head throbbing, covered in his own urine, Liek cried out the name of his brother.

to be continued....

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