Creatures Of The Night - The Beginning - Part 2

"How many are there?" Leyon asked as he walked into the council chambers.

The elders were frantic. Humans were slowly becoming aware of the existence of the Werewolves through fairytales and fables. Leyon himself heard the legends of beasts that roamed the night during a full moon. He could only laugh at the tales, but they were still disturbing, nonetheless. The humans could never know that there was a superior race, otherwise they would rise together as one and overrun them.

"Our scouts counted fifty-three of them headed this way. In over five-hundred years, not a single human has ever stepped foot into this village. How do you plan on steering them away from here!?"

Leyon began to laugh to himself. Such a ridiculous question from such a respected werewolf. Surely their minds were weakening along with their bodies.

"It's quite simple, elders. We kill them all." He answered.
"We are not butchers, Leyon! We have our pride! We aren't even sure what their intentions are!"

Leyon glared at the elders.

"Are you suggesting that we allow these humans to find our village and then we simply send them on their way? What do you think their intentions will be when they see these?" Leyon asked as he held up his hands, displaying his cruel thumbnails.

The silence amongst the elders was enough.

"Do not speak to me of pride when our very existence is at risk. I will gather the boys of the village, and we will dispose of them immediately. They will also be initiated as adults under my supervision."

The elders smiled. Leyon was still their finest warrior.

"Very well, Leyon. We trust your judgment in this matter. But before you leave, who are you taking?"


"Oy, Cap! Since when's the King's army s'posed to be out huntin' big scary dogs, when we can be off wiv the missus an' makin' new soldiers, if'n ya know what I mean?" One grunt barked.

The captain glared back at the offending soldier. He was just as miserable as they were, hunting animals that existed only in village lore.

"Ye'll keep yer mouth shut, ya miserable worm! We get orders from the King, so we do 'em! Now shut yer trap!"
"Aye, but Cap, we been marchin' fer nearly a day an' we ain't seen one dog!" Another soldier shouted.
"Oy!! I said ta keep that 'ole in yer face shut!! I 'ear 'nother word outta any of ya miserable bastards, I'll dress you up as the Queen 'erself and let the men 'ave their way wiv ya tonight!"

The threat did the trick, and the grumbling finally subsided. The captain led his troops on. He couldn't wait until the mission was over and done with.


Ajin made sure to stay close to Leyon, as Siras and Feras trailed behind. Ajin's stomach was reeling. He was off to make his first kill, and it was going to be a bloodbath. Four werewolves against fifty-three human soldiers. The odds looked bleak. Leyon must have been insane to pick only three werewolves to accompany him.

Leyon lept into the trees, and paused. Ajin sat by him as Siras and Feras caught up. Ajin was to attack the humans at the rear, while Siras and Feras would pick them off at the sides. Leyon would take most of them at the front. Siras was giddy with excitement, while his brother seemed to be rather solemn.

"Are you sure we can defeat them, Leyon? There are fifty-three of them, and only four of us! How will we kill them?" Feras quietly asked.

Siras stared at his brother. He could feel the anger growing. Before he could lash out at him, Leyon answered.

"Do not doubt your strength as a Werewolf, Feras. You are at least twice as strong as any one of them, so do not worry. You will all soon see what it is to be a true Werewolf!"

Ajin nodded his head. Leyon nodded back, smiled, and jumped down in the middle of the road. He could smell the humans approaching. Siras and Feras ran off as Ajin peered out from the trees. He could hear their footsteps growing louder.


"Oy! You there!" The captain barked at Leyon.

Leyon looked up nonchalantly at the approaching soldiers.

"The King's army demands that ya take us to yer village. My men are quite tired, so if you would-"
"I believe it would be best that you turn around and go back where you came from, good sir."

The Captain narrowed his eyes at the defiant werewolf.

"What'd ya say, ya lowly-"
"If you wish to keep your skins, you will leave this place at once."

The captain stepped forward angrily and drew his sword.

"I think it'd be best if ya don't interrupt me again, boy."

Leyon smiled. It was amazing how these humans could disrespect another person simply because they believed they were in a position of power. Leyon had enough. These men were not going to listen. Leyon slowly raised his hands so that the captain could see the long, dangerous thumbnails. The captain's eyes widened in shock.

"There are dangerous creatures about, captain. Your men should flee while they still have the legs to carry them."

Leyon gave a barely noticeable nod to the three werewolves hiding in the trees. Siras and Feras swooped down and ripped open the arteries of four soldiers. Ajin descended upon the soldiers in the rear and stabbed two men in the throat. He felt powerful with his nails christened with the blood of humans.

"KILL THEM!!" The captain screamed before Leyon carved him open from his groin to his aorta.

Ten men fell before they could draw their swords. One man gripped Siras by the shoulder, ready to impale him with his sword. Siras grabbed the man's throat and crushed his windpipe. Feras brought his nail down onto another man's arm with such force, the bone was severed. Ajin quickly attacked from behind and left at least twelve men lying on the ground with their achilles tendons sliced in half.

Leyon was the most brutal. As men escaped, they would stop short when they realized their intestines were starting to fall out. None of them knew what was happening.

Siras ducked and dodged as men blindly hacked away at enemies half their size and twice their strength. He could feel a cold blade make its way home across his back. He felt his blood seeping into the cloth on his back. He turned around and smashed the man's face in. Men were falling by the dozens. The dirt turned to a dark crimson as it became saturated with the blood of fifty-three men.

Only one man was barely alive when the bloodbath ended. The inside of his thigh was carved open, and he was desperately pressing his hands onto the wound to keep the blood inside of his body. It was no use. He would be dead shortly.

"Werewolves....." He gasped. "The King knew yer real...."

Leyon looked back at the man in shock.

".... sent.... to kill ya bastards....." He rasped, before he went limp.

Leyon could only gaze back at the body in shock. These men were sent. They were sent on a werewolf hunt.

"Hey. HEY!! Why were you sent!?" Leyon shook the body.

Ajin stood by Leyon as Siras and Feras looked on. They heard everything. As they stood, they looked at each other with only one thing on their minds:

More were coming. Werewolves were no longer a myth.

to be continued....

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