Creatures Of The Night - The Beginning - Part 3

As the werewolves jumped and cheered in celebration, Leyon sat alone. The human's words troubled him, and he was in no mood to dance with the werewolf women. The more he thought about it, his idea of killing those humans seemed more and more foolish. He did not think of the possible consequences.

Those men were sent on a hunt for werewolves. Since they wouldn't be returning to their king, what could stop the king from sending an entire legion in search of the village? What could have convinced the king to send out an army in search of creatures that existed only in their minds? The question that bothered Leyon most, though, was how had they known where to look?

"What troubles you, Leyon?" A voice said from behind.

Leyon turned to see the face of Lavi. The light from the fire danced across her face making her features change like a beautiful specter.

"Why are you not celebrating your victory with the new adults of the village? Siras seems to be quite the hero with his new battle wound."

Leyon chuckled to himself. Siras always was quite arrogant. It reminded Leyon of himself when he was young. Sometimes a little arrogance was a good thing, though.

"I am just thinking of the battle. There was something that a human said that weighs down on my mind."

Lavi's eyes widened as Leyon told her everything. They sat in silence for a few moments, watching the rest of the village dance in honor of the new heroes.

"Do the elders know of this?" She finally asked.
"No. If they do, I could be held responsible for putting the village in danger. So I'm sure you can understand the position I am in."

Lavi nodded. Leyon's reputation was unmarred by any sort of mistake or defeat, and it would be devastating for the village to learn that the great warrior Leyon had made such a grave error in judgment.

"You must tell the council, Leyon." Lavi said quietly.
"If you do not say anything, then the humans will come and kill us all. You said so yourself, they know where we-"

Leyon stood, angered by what Lavi was suggesting.

"I will hear no more of this! Go back to your dancing, and just let me be."
"No more, Lavi. You simply do not understand."


The hooves of several hundred horses pounded the dirt path. The men were coming, faces twisted in rage. They carried swords, maces, torches, and spears. Some of their mouths were open in sadistic grins, foaming with anticipation. Their lust for blood was strong, their hunger for battle, stronger.

The air was growing thick with their dark desires. They were promised riches and vast amounts of wealth. The heads of werewolves would be traded amongst them. He could feel his skin slowly being peeled away from his bones.

He could see the heads of Ajin, Siras, and Feras staring at him, mouths hanging open in silent screams. He could see them surrounding Lavi....


Leyon snapped forward with his nails drawn. He looked around his room in confusion. The dream was so vivid. The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end as he sat there listening. He relaxed, coming to the conclusion that it was only a dream.

But before Leyon could fall asleep once more, a distant voice sent chills down his spine.

Humans were coming.
Thousands of them.

to be continued....

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