Creatures Of The Night - The Beginning - Part 5

Ajin was already waiting at the village when Siras and Feras arrived. He could smell the death around him. Humans and Werewolves alike were left to rot in the sun. There were some left in the village, tending to the injured and burying the dead. He could hear the soft weeping of those who lost their loved ones.

"They were taken." Feras mumbled.

Even Siras was shaken by what he saw. He couldn't help but wonder to himself how many humans there must have been in order to overwhelm their village. Ajin turned to the twins.

"Leyon isn't here. He must have been taken with the others."

Siras' head snapped up suddenly, and he bolted in the direction of the council. Ajin immediately understood. If the elders were taken....


Leyon could only grind his teeth together with rage. The humans had rounded them up like animals, chained them together, and bound their hands with thick ropes. Not a single werewolf was able to break free of their bonds. Leyon was separated from the others, under the careful watch of Sir Isaac. Leyon tortured his mind with various plans, schemes, and tactics to help the others escape, but no plans came to mind that wouldn't lead his brethren to their deaths. As if he were reading Leyon's thoughts, Sir Isaac spoke to him.

"I wouldn't think 'bout tryin' to escape. Ya needn't worry 'bout things, anyhow. We won't kill ya."

Leyon closed his eyes, and let his rage cool for a moment.

"What're ya talkin' 'bout!? We're just poor lowly townsfolk that ya mistook fer fairytale creatures!" He grinned.

There was no way a human could tell the difference between one of their own and a werewolf. Leyon knew this. It would be easy to pass themselves off as humans. But to his astonishment, Isaac threw his head back in laughter.

"Yer a clever bastard, I'll give ya that! But I can promise ya it won't be that easy. We lowly humans're a lot smarter than ya might think."
"Only fools declare themselves to be wise. You would do well to remember that, human." Leyon said darkly.
"Ya got a point, there. But ya might say that underestimation paves the road to defeat. I think ya'd do well to remember that, werewolf."

Isaac was still smiling. Leyon looked away for a moment. He hated to admit it, but Isaac was right. He couldn't underestimate his enemies while they were leading him away from his home bound in chains and rope. It was amazing how throughout his entire life, he was taught that humans were inferior in every way.

Leyon couldn't help but find his predicament ironic.


Siras stood in the empty council chambers, a growing dread taking hold of him. If the elders were taken, then the humans could potentially learn all of the Werewolf secrets. Other villages could be decimated. With the capture of a single elder, the entire Werewolf race could be wiped out. Even further, the village needed the elders to lead them. There was no way three werewolf boys could lead the survivors of a razed village.

For the first time, Siras didn't have the faintest idea what to do. He couldn't pick up the elders' scents through all the incense. With a cry of frustration and grief, Siras put his fists through the wall next to him. Feras grabbed his brother and pinned him against the wall. Siras couldn't move.

"NO!! DON'T TOUCH ME!!" He screeched.
"Stop it!! You must stay calm!!"

The commotion stopped just as quickly as it started when the rear wall slid away, revealing the faces of several elders.

Siras' initial relief was short-lived, however, when Ajin spoke:

"Only three of them are here. Where is the fourth?"

to be continued....

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