Crisis of Morality

This is an age of moral crisis, but not as you might understand it. Those on the left - the ones who believe we have an obligation to our fellow man - are not following the wrong moral code; they have no moral code. Prove me wrong by proving your morality.

I present to you an axiom, a self-evident truth, which our country was founded on: Everyone is born with equal, inalienable rights.

We have the right to life. No one can make a claim to our lives but ourselves.

We have a right to accrue property. We should be justly rewarded for the fruits of our labor and the work of our rational minds, inasmuch as individuals are willing to compensate us for our skills. Property being the product of one's labor, to claim one's property is to claim someone else's work, and ultimately their mind, as their own.

We have a right to liberty. We are born free people, and thus have a right to pursue our own happiness with respect to each other's rights.

All other rights are derivates of these three natural rights.

Anything that costs money (health care, education, etc.) cannot be a right, because in order to ensure these things for those who cannot afford them, you must infringe on someone's right to property via the confiscatory tax code to foot the bill. Either steal from the producers, thereby infringing on their right to the fruits of their labor, or force doctors and scientists to work for free, thereby making them slaves to the will of others. To grant positive rights means that we must infringe on the rights of others, thus negating the idea of rights as "equal and inalienable" in nature.

We institute governments to protect these rights, not to infringe on them. We dangerously, but necessarily, empower republican (notice the small "r") governments with a monopoly on force so as to protect the people from vigilantism. Governments are to enforce contracts and protect their citizens from those who seek to violate individuals' natural rights.

Recently, our government has claimed it is our moral duty to help those in need. If one individual chooses to help another individual in need, that is their moral choice; it is their prerogative. But if a government chooses to become the means of redistributing wealth and granting entitlements, it is no longer moral.

When government becomes involved, choice is removed from the equation. If you do not pay your taxes, you go to jail. The individual no longer has a moral choice. They are forced by government to do the bidding of the collective. You cannot have morality without choice.

Thus, the left has no morality. They base their arguments on blind emotion. Instead of engaging in moral arguments to persuade individuals to freely make the right choice as they see it - to redistribute their own wealth free of coercion - they simply impose their will on people through the brute force of government.

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