Crisis Solution...

We're in pretty rough shape and things WILL get worse before they get better. I think the war should be resolved in terms of pulling out troops and leaving iraq with a gigantic surplus leaving only specialized task forces to police the extremist terrorists. If the American military is the best in the world let's hope they can accomplish that objective. -Reinforce the North American borders, no-fly zones for miles and miles around the oceans, from Mexico and the North, we could keep any attempt of terrorists militants coming over in any large amounts (putting republican fear-tactics to rest) If a guy with a DUI or assault charges can't cross the border between CANADA n the US, then hopefully its workin on the ACTUAL people who pose threats to homeland security, from coming from overseas.

If you look back in history, the times are similar to the great depression, the saving grace that recovered the economy back then was WWII, however, we are at war but no one is willing to sacrifice anything for it because it is somewhat a rejected cause. Instead of the 'War on Terror' spiking our economy, its helping to drain it. The great depression lasted a long time from approx. 1929 to 1946 or so, with many whoas in between. Thats a long time, and I dont know about you but I dont wanna b workin with no reward in sight. So the actions taken by the government from here on out will determine how long we will b stuck in recession of wealth not equaling income. Judging by the debate last night, McCain would like to enact a spending freeze and abolish government programs and Obama would like to spend money on energy alternatives and other projects. And government spending is the answer. Projects that create jobs and help the people earn decent livings is what we need.

This brings me to my idea of increasing Space Exploration. We should focus all our efforts on settling in space; creating space stations, increased travel to space and experiments. NASA and CSA, even China(CNSA), shit, the whole world, should combine and become the top employer of the world. Government programs should make education in the Space field available to anyone who wants it. The young people need a calling and purpose, and who didnt wanna be an astronaut?

This is just a minor idea that could relieve us of our turmoil. Any other projects that are backed by our countries could work. Government spending worked for Roosevelt, we should do the same, just more efficiently.

Uploaded 10/08/2008
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