Culture Clash

"You just got dawged" not Randy Jackson

This is actually a commonly overused word by the regulars on  It means the same as "pwnd", with the only difference being that they took a gay word and replaced it with a gayer one.

Due to the string of recent serial bannings by our rookie moderators, some Ebaumsworld users, along with myself, went over to to take in some of the scenery.  So far, the grass is looking like its in much need of some watering.


You could compare Ebaumsworld to like the U.S. to Canada.  Neither one wants to start a war with one another, but its not exactly an innocent game of pencil break either.  One feels they are superior over the other, and theyll use recycled put-downs and type in all CAPS to prove it.  But there are some issues with that may encourage the suspended Ebaumer to ride the bench, rather than play for the other team.   Here are some examples:


Girls: I have not seen one chick on in the few days Ive been there, pending RJMs official ruling.  At least we know we have some women on this site because of the pictures galleries, but I have not seen one girl on Break.  Even the Break regulars will admit that they ran most, if not all, of the girls away.   I think that they prefer it that way.  Sausage Fest is another term thrown around there just so you know.


Spamming: Spamming at is far worse than it is here.  In fact, the Breakers were getting pissed off at the Baumers (I feel like Im in the movie, The Outsiders) because we were filling up the comment boards quickly.  But, it was the Break regulars who were spamming the shit out of it with insults that we dished at them.


Censorship: In addition to traditional curse words, except Wiggler Punt, you cant even say Ebaumsworld on the comments.  Enough said!


Any many more!


The site is lame, so dont waste your time.  As I mentioned before, I dont plan on using Break full-time, except for the occasional invasion.  They get their feelings hurt when we start commenting on their boards.


Break: 15 minutes, twice a day, is enough for me!





Uploaded 01/08/2009
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