Cyber Sex

So I saw the blog about the prostitutes. I thought I'd share. When I was about 13-15, I used to frequent online chatrooms and have cyber sex with the men that were in there. Just so none of you think I'm a whore, I've only been with one guy in my life and I'm still with him. Anyway, some of the fantasies they had were...interesting.


A lot of them wanted to be a "small doll" and have me play with them in a dollhouse. They said and I quote, "I'm so small you can put me in your pocket and carry me around". WTF? I never did that roleplay. I still don't get the sexuality behind that. Why don't I just fuck an ant? And I thought I was weird...


Other fantasies were common- cheerleader/coach or teacher/student though it was always the men who wanted to be in the submissive roles. I always thought that was interesting. I didn't like that at all. I always thought they should be dominate.


Of course I never said how young I was. That was for dateline NBC. I was always 25/f/new york. Of course tons of people were from New York and always asked "what city"? I don't fucking know! First of all, I was 13 and second of all I always picked the wrong one. They would say "me too! maybe we should just meet up". Yeah right! Let me meet a stranger in New York and go back to his apartment.


Just though everyone would enjoy. I know several of you are thinking 'man, her internet needed to be monitored'. Oh well. Actually, it was pretty safe considering I could explore my sexuality within the confines of my own room, safely. I would have regulars that I safed on my buddy list. I never remembered what roles we did last but oh well. I guess I was an online whore.


Uploaded 10/13/2008
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