Damn, I love Mountain Dew

When I actually went to a real college, there weren't a lot of other students in my field. I guess being an aeronautical engineer just wasn't popular anymore *rim shot*. Anyway, I was friends with another aero guy named Jake. While I came into college as a shy, nerdy, small towner, he came in as a cocky big city boy. I still don't know why he wanted to be an engineer. We had all the same classes, and he was one of my best friends at the university.


We went through a lot together. We passed the same classes, we failed the same classes, we taught each other shit. I tried to help him with chemistry, he "tried" to hook me up with the hottest girls on campus. Ah, what a card.


Second semester we didn't hang out nearly as much, and he ended up passing one class that I failed. Unfortunately, that was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. Failing that class resulted in my dismissal from the university.


Now ol' Jake is living up my dream back at the campus. He switched to aviation, is flying everyday (Long story on why I can't fly), pulling even better than the GPA I struggled to get at community college, and has a smokin' hot girlfriend. My God, is it depressing.


But I try to look on the brightside during things like this. I mean, Pepsi is producing Mountain Dew Code Red again!

Uploaded 01/08/2009
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