Damn you Wallboy!!!!!!!!

I didn't want to do this but now I feel like I have to because it seems to me all we ever have on here when it comes to political blogs are Cranky democrats and Scary as hell Republicans. I would like to start a new party and call it the C.S. party or Common Sense Party because I dont care how much you want to say Obama is all in favor of guns because what we are seeing are plain and simple Passive Aggressive acts to change gun laws. Nigga please (my daughter says I shouldnt say that) it looks not only wrong but just plain stupid and with all the attention going on about health care what better place to draw attention to yourself. Hell man I am all in favor of gun ownership but after watching that it makes me think about where I stand on the issue.


I was reading the 2nd amendment and then the 1st amendment a couple days ago and I think another passive aggressive nut job may be right and that is if we as an American Citizen question our leaders, and they use ANY intimidation then they are pissing away our 1st amendment rights.


   I know Bush may not have started this whole rights? what are rights? but he played a big part in it with his putting people in jail without due process and hiding behind "it's war"crap! Wherever we are in the world we should always try to live up to the code we so boldly claim to have and we are failing miserably. See none of this should have anything to do with Dem's or Repubs but it should make every American question what in the hell is going on. I am finding it easier to get my information from John Stewart although he is so Obama slanted at least he is using humor to out all these bastards. I am not going to write another political blog because I have come to realize WE ARE FUCKED and NOBODY cares.


Thanks for reading Bohank



Uploaded 08/18/2009
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