Dane Cook Not Funny

I simply do not understand how this guy has such a huge fanbase. He is probably one of the most famous comedians out right now if not the most famous. Hes in movies that suck but the reason hes in these movies is because of his giant fanbase. So i ask, why do people think Dane Cook is funny?

His jokes are not funny at all and he is the loudest most obnoxious stand up comedian ive ever heard. He would have made a great cheerleader because all he does is yell. Its like one of those people who talk loud to be heard and to sound important or in his case, funny. Then he makes these stupid faces that just make you want to punch him right in it. So a combination of being loud and making jackass faces makes this man funny. I seriously dont get how so many people could love him. There are so many other funny stand up comedians who are 20 times funnier then him but recieve little exposure. Meanwhile this guy is trying to follow in the steps of steve martin, going from stand up to actor. Except steve martins stand up was great and about half of his movies are pretty good. But Dane Cooks stand up is torturous while his movies are even worse. This man needs to be gotten rid of or killed. Preferbly killed.

Uploaded 06/10/2009
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