Day 4 with no TV

As I'm sure you all know, I've been completely without televised entertainment since saturday morning, when the roofer had to take down my dish. I don't know when they'll be done, but it seems they're only working when the weather is nice.

I bought my TV in 2005, so I thought it may have a digital tuner. But nope, I can't even get over-the-air channels at all. It's funny because I actually got a government coupon for a converter box (a big tisk-tisk for a fiscal conservative like myself), but the coupons have an expiration date and I never bothered to order one. 

I'm finding that I can keep myself adequately entertained with the internet (I love the internet!). I've watched a movie on netflix, and you know I'm a regular on EBW. Tonight I may check out that hulu website.

It's good to know I don't really need TV. I'm out of my lease and I'm considering finding a house share situation up in Vermont for the summer. Not too sure about that, but many Vermont people shun TV, as they enjoy a hippyish or bohemian type style of living or whatever. So this may be helpful.

Tonight I made a nice steak for din din. A rare treat for me as I don't often eat red meat. I ate it on the coffee table, with the Sox game on the radio. I imagined that I was in a depression era rooming house, enjoying a good meal after a long day looking for work or doing odd jobs around town. I just wished the radio commercials were from the 1930s, to complete the effect.

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