Day 6 Without Alcohol

Yesterday I wanted to get a drink, but the feeling wasn't that strong. I guess I'm very strong-willed. I've been playing GTA IV some more. I managed to finish that race with Brucie!

Vanillabear advised me to launch a rocket into the other cars, so I found out that there's a rocket launcher hidden on a rock near the northern marina. I took a copter from the town tour company and I was surprised I didn't get any wanted level or shit. It was tough to land on that rock, so I kinda jumped out of it and fell into the water. But I somehow got onto the rock and picked up the RPG. Then I bought some cool clothes at Perseus. A suit. I was ready to do the mission for Brucie.

As it turned out, I got disqualified for using the RPG. So I've decided to win fair. I mean almost fair, because I backed up the car and hit one of the opponents in the front to force start the race in the lead. As it turned out, I could easily win the race with luck. The key was to drive safe. I sped up on long straights, then I cut the turns and basically turned slowly, while the opponents crashed into the traffic. So yeah, mission accomplished. But thanks for the tips in the comments!

After that, Brucie called Nico and wanted to hang out. So I took another copter and was like "this is so baller, I'm gonna pick him up in a helicopter." The game is getting cooler, too. For example, now it revolves around shooting more. And tactics. Using cover and the right weapon is key, unless you want to depend on luck. This game is great.

Uploaded 07/17/2013
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